Asian American comedian Kate Rigg on Dr. Phil's panel debating race issues

yeah for those of you who didn't see the Dr. Phil episode on hidden bias I am gonna try to clip and post here.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH the discussion on Asian Americans on Dr. Phil...In the meantime the major theme of discussion was if it is hidden is it racist and how hidden are our biases. My fave quote by me is that "hidden bias is the hallmark of racism against asian americans in this country" It is hidden in the model minority myth, in the aversion to integration on both asian and non asian sides in the inter asian racism and in the self hatred of asian elders bringing up their kids to either be "white" and despertely seek assimilation OR to be only asian and thereby cause an incredible cross cultural despair that manifests in suicidial young adults who are welcome in neither culture. We had a rousing conversation about dog eating with michigan or minnesota ladies who perhaps had seen hmong people eating a dog OR jsut got hysterical at a barbque, and we talked to amy joe the line producer from Texas who sounds like a Bush but looks like a Lee. not general.